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Construction Solutions Company

We provide a wide range of specialized rectification and restoration services to the construction industry. Our workers are extremely skilled and adept at their respective jobs. We believe in doing a good job and providing a long-lasting and satisfying experience to our customers.

We are providing comprehensive specialized services in various fields such as the following:

Crack Injection Treatment

We provide solutions for controlling leaks and repairing cracks in manholes, expansion joints, repairing of concrete cracks, repairing of cracks in the foundation, concrete driveway, basement, repairing of leaking water tanks, elevator pits, Sewage treatment Plants, etc.  We offer Construction Solutions Company all our service all over UAE, especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We use specialized chemicals for the Injection of cracks.

Sealing of joints and gaps between substrates to prevent water, air, or other environmental elements from entering the structure, while providing flexibility in movement of the substrates.

Chemical Plastering

We provide complete solutions for Block wall Repair for industrial and commercial Buildings, including sewerage and drainage projects. Chemical Plastering to restore damaged plastering to its original load-bearing capacity, and can increase its strength and structural performance with specialized chemicals.

We are providing professional waterproofing solutions using the latest and proven methods to solve your leakage problem, Our expert makes us Construction Solutions Company, will help you understand the real problem causing the issue and suggest the best way to overcome the issue permanently.

We use various methods of waterproofing such as Rubberized asphalt waterproofing, cementitious waterproofing, self-adhered and liquid applied waterproofing, and bitumen waterproofing methods to provide reliable waterproofing services for the protection of buildings and infrastructure.

We apply waterproofing in different areas including:

Waterproofing Treatment

Bait Al Maha Prefab is one of the emerging Epoxy and Painting service providers in the UAE. We are a leading applicator of high-quality Epoxy flooring & Self-leveling coating.

We work with our customers throughout the course of their project, from product selection to devising the proper quality control plans and maintenance procedures that will ensure the long life of their chosen coating or Self-leveling coating.

Epoxy is safe for a variety of industries. This floor coating is stain-resistant, chemical-resistant, durable, and provides luster and even beauty to many industrial settings. The surface coating protects concrete flooring from the day-to-day wear and tear that can degrade concrete over time. Businesses with epoxy coatings often spend less money on flooring over time.

Flooring Solutions

  • Car Park Flooring
  • Warehouse flooring
  • Hospital Internal Walls (Anti-Germ)
  • Sports Centers, Play Ground Flooring & Walls
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Crack Injection Treatment
  • Chemical Plastering
  • Waterproofing Solutions
  • Flooring Solutions
  • Chemical Anchoring Solutions
  • Concrete Cutting And Core Cutting Services
  • Form Concreting Services
  • Tank Lining & GRP Lamination

Expansion Joint Sealant

  • Below grade foundation wall waterproofing
  • Basement and deck waterproofing,
  • Bathroom and kitchen waterproofing,
  • Water tank waterproofing,
  • Swimming pool waterproofing.
  • Waterproofing of flat roofs, parapets, and flashings
  • Waterproofing of ponds and water reservoirs
  • Sealing of joints between different roofing materials, gutter joints, and roof screws
  • Waterproofing and protective coating for below-ground foundations