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WaterTank | GRP Waterproofing

We offer WaterTank | GRP Waterproofing and GRP lining services to take care of all your residential, commercial, and industrial needs. Moreover, GRP Lining will completely and seamlessly seal the cracks, leaks as well as corrosion and flaking materials but also offers a new life to damaged/eroded walls providing a long-term as well as a secure environment at a fraction of the cost of a total rebuild.

Water Tank Repair And Refurbishment

Our specialists at Bait Al Maha Prefab deal with all kinds of water tank repair and refurbishment services, owing to their extensive experience and professionalism over the years. Our latest repair technology and Internal coating will prevent further damage and extend the life of your water tank.
Bait Al Maha Prefab offers highly effective tank re-lining services with minimum downtime that ensures many years of additional life and significant cost-saving replacements.

Water Tank – Relining

We at Bait Al Maha Prefab, provide premium quality GRP Lining for water tanks, Manholes, Sewerage Tanks, Gutters, Chemical Plants, Chemical Tanks, Cooling Towers, and more. GRP lining has diverse applications including corrosion resistance, structural strengthening, and waterproofing. Chemical resistance and good hygienic quality improve the life of your water tank and for this, GRP Lining or Lamination is an effective alternative to component replacement.

GRP Lining/GRP Lamination

We supply various types and capacities of Water Storage Tanks.

GRP Water Tanks

We supply various types and capacities of Water Storage Tanks.

GRP Lining


  • Repairing Water Tank
  • Refurbishment Water Tank
  • Re-lining Water Tank
  • Lamination GRP Lining/GRP
  • Waterproofing GRP
  • Roof Leak Repairing
  • GRP Pipe Lamination