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Prefab Building Modular Construction

We undertake design, manufacturers and erection of widest range of Prefab Building Modular Construction in UAE, Provides a wide range of portacabins to be used as site offices and labor camps, accommodations for the military as well as workforce, buildings of schools moreover, hospitals, villas, mosques, prefab toilets, and Ablution, security cabins, parking counter, kitchens and laundry conference hall, and equally dining hall, prefab ticket counter too. However, Akprefab provides the best prefabrication and portacabin service in UAE comparatively.

Site Offices

The construction sites will generally require office facilities to provide space for site managers, for site Meetings and to provide storage for site documentation. It is important that site offices are Comfortable, attractive, and versatile, as well as being suitably robust and secure.

Moreover, Each individual project will have different requirements for the site together with the office provision. On large projects, separate offices may be provided for site foremen engineers and the commercial also project also management team, consultant cabins. However, These are standard sizes and can be fitted together or stacked to form almost any configuration of accommodation required accordingly. They can include reception spaces, offices meeting rooms, kitchens, toilets, showers, changing facilities, lockers, storage, and so on.

Site offices are easily transported on flat-bed trucks and set up on-site using a crane They are often stacked with external metal stairs leading to the second floor. Large sites may have several inter-linked portable offices capable of holding hundreds of people, stacked up to two stories high with internal stairs and steel frame bracing. They may be purchased or rented, and once construction is complete, either returned or taken to a new site for re-use.

Accommodation Cabins

When it comes to projects in remote places, in order to accommodate a large number of staff Prefab Cabins are ideal for providing a comfortable stay for on-site workers and staff. Moreover, We provides prefab units that are designed to house field staff as well as management staff, also providing comfortable accommodations and amenities.

These accommodation units can be with attached bathroom and kitchen facility for Engineers and Managers. Also, Labor camps are set up with separate accommodation units, toilet blocks, as well as kitchen, mess hall cabins, prefab laundry cabins, prefab mosques, prefab canteen facility, etc.

We are also providing furniture and other amenities based on the requirement of the client.

Security Cabins / Guard Room

Bait Al Maha manufacturers a wide range of security cabins or guardhouse-based requirements of our client’s design and budget. Security cabins are available in standard and custom dimensions. And our Security cabins are also offered with additional facilities like a toilet, pantry, etc. if required. Also, Fresh / Wastewater Collection tanks are also available as an option. Along with security cabins we also supply and install Manual Gate Barrier and Electric Gate Barrier System.

Standard available sizes:

  • 2m x1.2 m Security Cabin
  • 5m x1.5m Security Cabin
  • 2mx2m Security Cabin
  • 4m x 2.4m Security Cabin

Bait Al Maha manufacturer a wide range of cabins, which can be used as Parking Attended Cabins, and as well as Cashier Cabins. Parking cabins are available in standard and custom dimensions. Also for the parking area, we also supply and install gate barrier systems from well-known brands.

Cashier Or Parking Control Cabins

Bait Al Maha manufactures quality prefabricated portable toilets. Prefab toilets are available in various types and sizes. It will be fitted with Water Closets (WC), Washbasin, Urinals, Exhaust Fan, faucets, etc.

Also, fresh and wastewater collection tanks can be provided optionally. We also provide rental services for prefab toilets for events.

Types of Prefab Toilets are as follows:

Prefab Toilets

  • Plastic Toilets
  • GRP Portable Toilets
  • Portacabin Toilets
  • Sandwich Panel Toilets
  • Container Toilets
  • VIP Bathrooms

Bait Al Maha Prefab fabricates, Supply, and install prefabricated Mosque. Sizes can be according to the requirement of the Client. Ablution area is also provided with the mosque. Usually, Mosque floors are finished with Carpets with lines. Separate Area for Imam, Minaret, Domb also provide prefab mosques based on client requirements.

During the pious period of RAMADAN, we also offer prefab mosques for rental.

Prefab Mosques

Bait Al Maha Prefab undertakes to build rooms for drivers or maids in prefab units, we design the cabin in such a way that it will match the existing design of your building or Villas. Moreover, we are providing onsite and off-site construction for these cabins based on the site condition. We undertake the connection of Water, Electricity, and drainage systems for these cabins.

Maid And Driver Room