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Housing And Office Container

Housing And Office Container is a form of architecture using shipping containers as structural elements. Moreover, It is also referred to as cargotecture, or “retainer”.The use of containers as a building material has grown in popularity over the past several years and due to their inherent strength, wide availability, also relatively low expense. Bait Al Maha prefab delivers the best Housing And Office Container UAE, homes have also been built with containers hence because they are seen as more eco-friendly than traditional building materials such as brick and cement.

However, At Bait Al Maha Prefab, we convert shipping containers for various uses as single units or joining together. We modify both 20ft and 40ft containers by adding colors, doors, windows, insulation, air conditioning, electrical lighting, and other enhancements.

Containers are modified and converted for various purposes such as:

Container Offices

We convert to the office building, container site offices as well as Security Cabins or Guard Rooms and Control Room Offices, container mosques. Also, Standard 20 ft Containers, Standard 40ft Container equally as well as 40ft High Cube Containers, 10ft Containers are widely used for container conversion.

Container Housing And Toilets

At Bait Al Maha , we convert shipping containers of various housing purposes such remote site accommodation, accommodation for workers, Temporary accommodation for people, Military Camps and Rehabilitation Camps, Maid Rooms, Driver Rooms as well as mobile toilet units with built-in water and drainage collection tanks. Moreover, Container Shower Rooms, Container Changing room and Container Swimming Pools etc.

Industrial Containers

Shipping Containers are Converted for Water Treatment Plants, Pump Rooms and Generator Room, LV Panel Rooms, also Fabrication units, Testing laboratories, Mobile X-ray units, Pit Rooms, as well as Industrial storage, COSSH Containers and Material Storage Containers etc.